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February 27, 2012

Boracay Escapade: Guide Going to Boracay, Philippines!

It was ever my dream since High School to visit this wonderful paradise of Boracay.  And such dream was fulfilled last November 25-27, 2011 when Me & my close friends went there for a 3D2N escapade. This escapade is a personalized one, we didn't acquire any tour packages because we can really save alot if we do it on our own, though the advantage of a tour package is that it is hassle-free in terms of transportation, accommodation, etc. I had a direct flight from Cebu to Caticlan last November 25, around 2PM via Cebu Pacific. It was actually the first Western Visayas destination I went to. I arrived at Mactan Cebu International Aiport 1-Hr before our flight, went to Cebu Pacific check-in counter to get our boarding pass and proceed to Terminal Fee counter, paid Php200 then went to the Waiting lounge, near Boarding Gate 8.

At Mactan Cebu International Airport.
Waiting for boarding gate to open.
Boarding Gate now open.

Take Off shot from Mactan Cebu International Airport. A view of Lilo-An, Cebu.

Another Take Off shot from Mactan Cebu International Airport.

We passed by Negros.
Aerial view of Guimaras Island, Iloilo City on the right.

Aerial view of Kalibo, Aklan.

The pilot allows the passengers to have a stunning aerial view of the beautiful Boracay Island, indeed the White Beach is what the island is all about.

Aerial View of the White Beach, Boracay Island (Excited mode when shot taken).

When we landed, I was a bit surprised with their airport: runway is too small, the airport lounge is like a private house (no wonder only turbopop airplanes are used to go to boracay, airbuses not allowed I guess).
Welcome to Godofredo P. Ramos a.k.a "Caticlan Boracay Airport".
And I was excited! :)
Inside Godofredo P. Ramos a.k.a "Caticlan Boracay Airport".

Tourist Information Desk at Caticlan Boracay Airport.
Front-view of Godofredo P. Ramos a.k.a "Caticlan Boracay Airport".

We took a 3-minute tricycle ride from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port (Php25 fare). To transfer from Caticlan Port to Boracay Island via boat, you have to pay Php25 for the boat fare, Php75 for the environmental fee & Php25 for the terminal fee as well.

The Caticlan Jetty Port & Passenger Terminal

On Board to a small boat going to Boracay Island
Arrival at Boracay Island Proper
Me & Friends at Boracay Island Port
Boracay Island Port with Tourist Vans waiting
Boracay Island Port & Terminal

Upon arrival at Boracay Island Port, we had to take a 10-15-minute tricycle ride (the only transport available when you don't have any tour package availed) from there to our D' Mall (Mall near Station 2), where the Hotel staff will meet us. The regular rate for the tricycle from Boracay Port to D' Mall (Station 2, Boracay) is Php25. D' Mall has a variety of shops to offer, from clothing to restaurants to sports & leisure.

D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay
My Friends enjoyed walking at D' Mall
Me & Friends exploring D' Mall
At Hama, D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

At D' Wall of D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

Me & Friends stike a pose at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

"A Piece of Green" at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay
Rumba's Bar & Restaurant at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

Bite Club's Grilled Burgers at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

Lemon Cafe at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay
Amazing D' Mall at Night at Station 2, Boracay

The Tides Hotel Boracay at D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

We checked-in in our hotel late afternoon already, we took some rest after a long trip. Decided to go for a night exploration in Boracay instead after taking some dinner. Station 2 has a lot of restaurants, bars & clubs that makes you wanna party-all-night. I must admit, this is the place I wanna be with when it comes to Nightlife, the people & the place are so fantastic! Gonna call Boracay as the "Beach that never sleeps".

Me & friends get some nightlife at the paradise.
Stand straight, strike a pose.
FireDancing with the tune of Shakira's Waka Waka!
At Crown Regency Boracay - one of the amazing Hotels.
FireDancing with the tune of J.Lo's Papi!
One of the Best in Boracay!
MO2 Boracay Branch (One of my faves in Cebu as well)
Tourists' Nightlife.
We had a good sleep in our hotel. Then came the longest & most exciting part of our trip: One Whole Day Boracay Exploration. We did plenty of activities in just one day: Banana Boat Ride, Helmet Diving a.k.a Aquanaut, White Beach swimming & Sun Bathing, Island Hopping and Sunset Viewing (I already forgot the rates, my bad.) See shots below.

Good morning Boracay!
Breakfast with friends!
Waiting for the speedboat for our Banana Boat Ride!

Our Banana Boat experience!
Behind is Manny Pacquiao's RestHouse in Boracay Island.

Island Hopping!
Strike a pose, Island Hopping!
Big waves at island hopping!

Strolling at Station 1, Boracay
Strolling at Station 1, Boracay

Where I love to stay!
Amazing White Beach, Boracay at noon!
Lunch Time!

One of my favorite spot in White Beach, Boracay.
As expected, Island Souvenir shop exists where foreigners dominate.

My friend April enjoying the cold breeze.

Fellow photographer friend James and his pose.
My friends' pose at White Sand Beach.

Super White Sand Beach!

Low-tide at White Beach, Boracay.
Can't stop taking shots of this super white sand beach!


My friends strike an underwater pose!

Where I took some rest after a long fun day!
Afternoon shot at White Beach, Boracay!
Kids also enjoying their stay here.

OK, my Bay Watch shot? LOL.

Jump Shot is a MUST here in White Beach Boracay!
On our way to Helmet Diving a.k.a Aquianaut!
Where the Helmet Diving Activity is held.

Preparing for Helmet Diving, I'm so nervous at this point.

This is it! off for Helmet Diving!

Me & my Friends enjoying this Helmet Diving Activity at Boracay!
How romantic that wedding is.
For Elites only, Resthouse of know people.

It was indeed a long, fun day. 2nd Night came, we went to a tiange-tiange in Station 3 after dinner to buy some pasalubong & memorabilia. Then went to my party-all-night part 2 but unfortunately no shots this time since I decided to leave my cam in the hotel to really enjoy my Nightlife that time. :) On our last morning at Boracay, we decided to take one of the best shakes in the place: Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay.

Good Morning Boracay, Mango Shake it is.

One of the Best Mornings so far. Boracay is so captivating.

Where we had our Mango Shake Party. LOL.

Few hours later, we went back to the hotel to pack-up and get ready for our 6-hour trip from Caticlan to Iloilo (Yes, we decided to take Iloilo-Cebu route going back to have a glimpse of Iloilo City as well) via Public Air-conditioned Van. If this is your first time to visit Panay Island, then you can follow such route. But if you are not a traveller who is fond of long land trip, then better yet not take such route. We departed from hotel around 11:30AM, arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port & Terminal around 12Noon (same rates & fees applied upon going & leaving Boracay Island). From Caticlan Terminal (which is just outside Caticlan Jetty Port), we took a Public Van that was heading to Iloilo City. This route will pass Kalibo City, the Home of Ati-atihan Festival. I was excited to see what Panay Island has to offer but a bit disappointed with the ROAD they have (seriously, I can't sleep with that type of trip). Also, you can't see much interesting or great scenery on this route (there are just trees everywhere, a typical province I guess). Around 3PM, we stopped by at Brgy. Tinaytayan, Dumarao, Capiz, in Pengee's Restaurant (a default stop over). We took our lunch in there, and I didn't like the service & the food (if known earlier, we could have brought some worth-to-eat foods from Caticlan).

Pengee's Restaurant in Brgy. Tinaytayan, Dumarao, Capiz
The Best Kaldereta in Panay?
Are you afraid of Capiz, James? :) LOL.

  Then we continued our trip from Capiz to Iloilo City. We arrived in Iloilo City around 5:30PM and chose to drop by in SM City Iloilo to look for some Ilonggo Delicacies. :)

SM City Iloilo

My Friends taking some Ilonggo Delicacies as pasalubong
From SM City Iloilo, we took a taxi in there going to Iloilo International Airport. At first, we expected that the taxi we took is a meter-based one. All of a sudden, the taxi driver (speaking tagalog with Ilonggo accent which gave us a hard time talking to him) informed us that Php500 is the fixed rate from the mall to the airport. We were a bit shocked of course, that made us decide to look for another taxi that is a metered one. The driver was then begging us to consider the rate & asked us if can we take it with Php400 instead. Due to the remaining time we had, we decided to take the offer. Actually, I just knew that it was a long distance from SM City Iloilo to Iloilo Airport. It was a kind move from the driver to allow us to stop over at the known Biscocho House in Iloilo & bought something for our relatives & friends as well.

Biscocho Haus in Iloilo City
After few minutes, we then continued our trip going to Iloilo City International Airport. We came at the right time, the Airport was like one of the best here in the Philippines (I believed it's a newly renovated one), much better than Mactan Cebu International Airport. It was a 30 or 40-minute flight from Iloilo City to Cebu City.

Entrance of Iloilo International Airport

Iloilo's Dinagyang Festival Ad inside the Airport
Cebu Pacific Check-in Counter in Iloilo International Aiport
Waiting Lounge of Iloilo International Airport
Get ready for Boarding!
Last pose before boarding!
Going back to CEBU!
The whole trip was amazing. With this, I decided to back there maybe 2nd Quarter of 2012. But this is for sure: I already booked a Cebu-Caticlan flight on October 23, 2012 to spend my Birthday in there, then Caticlan-Manila flight as well in October 24, 2012 as a post-birthday trip I guess (LOL), then Manila-Cebu in return. 2012 is really exciting, Gonna choose Philippine destinations this year!

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