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May 26, 2012

The Big Screen Entertainment: Cebu's Newest Entertainment Hub [Movie House + XBOX Kinect]

Thinking where to venture your TGIF or Weekend Nightlife? Want some "NEW" thing in Cebu? Well, partying in Mango or chilling out in IT Park is so mainstream nowadays, why not try this newly opened Entertainment Hub for groups who love Movies & XBOX Kinect.

(Click Poster to Enlarge)
"The Big Screen Entertainment" (owned by a friend of mine) serves as a Movie House (offering only the best movies made), as well as XBOX Kinect for a very reasonable rate. This state-of-the-art hub (you owe me one Pete, ahaha) is located at the 3rd Floor of M2 Business Center Building (building right beside Ninoy's Payag), Escario Corner Clavano Street, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines.Actually a walking distance from McDonald's Escario. (Click below Map to Enlarge)

(Click Map to Enlarge)

There are 2 Big Rooms and 1 Small Room for Movie watching, while there 3 Kinect Rooms.


It's where you'll gonna choose what movie to watch or what kinect game to play, might as well take some food and drinks at the counter for more satisfying experience at the Big Screen Entertainment! ;)
(click below photos to enlarge)

PHOTO: The Waiting Lounge - Big Screen Entertainment
PHOTO: The Waiting Lounge - Big Screen Entertainment
PHOTO: The Counter - Big Screen Entertainment


BIG ROOM #1 has around 200" Widescreen in curve style. A state-of-the-art cinema-type room that will make your movie experience either with your family or friends an exclusive one. The room can accommodate up to 10-15 people (maybe even 20 though some may lie down on the carpet).
(click below photos to enlarge)

PHOTO: The Big Room - Big Screen Entertainment
PHOTO: The Big Room - Big Screen Entertainment

BIG ROOM #2 is my favorite among the rooms. It feels like home with that glass-covered veranda (can actually cover it with the curtain when watching movie). Same features as well with Big Room #1.
(click below photos to enlarge)

PHOTO: The Big Room - Big Screen Entertainment

PHOTO: The Big Room - Big Screen Entertainment

PHOTO: The Big Room - Big Screen Entertainment


 This room is good for a group of 5-10 people. This is still an awesome room, the same features with the Big Room, they just differ in Widescreen size.
(click below photos to enlarge)

PHOTO: The Small Room - Big Screen Entertainment

PHOTO: Me at the Small Room - Big Screen Entertainment

PHOTO: The Avatar Preview at the Small Room - Big Screen Entertainment
PHOTO: The Avatar Preview at the Small Room - Big Screen Entertainment


Truly an amazing Kinect Room ever made in Cebu. There are 3 Kinect Rooms available, you'll surely gonna have fun with games having single, double or even four (4) players.

PHOTO: The Kinect Room - Big Screen Entertainment

PHOTO: The Kinect Room - Big Screen Entertainment


*Blu-ray Disc
*dts-HD Master Audio
*Dolby Digital & True HD
*KINECT for XBOX 360
*Up to 200" Widescreen

Opens: 3PM to 12MN (Sundays - Thursdays)
2PM to 2AM (Fridays and Saturdays)

Introductory Rate:

- Room Charge: P350.00/hr, good for 6 person
- Extra Person Charge: P30.00/hr/person*

MOVIE (Small Room)
- Room Charge: P400.00/movie, good for 5 person**
Extra Person Charge: P50.00/movie/person

MOVIE (Big Room)
- Room Charge: P450.00/movie, good for 5 person**
- Extra Person Charge: P70.00/movie/person

*charged only for the 1st 2 hours
**additional charge of P150.00 for movies exceeding 2 hours of screen time

 Contact No.  
0922 807 1894

Like BSE's Official Facebook Page:

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Can we bring our own MOVIE?
-- Yes you can (no additional fee) as long as it is readable via computer (DVD, Blu-ray Disc, even in USB for newly downloaded movies in AVI, MOV, WMV and other known Video Format). If you got nothing to bring wiht, don't worry because this moviehouse offers bunch of great movies.

2) Can we bring our own FOOD & DRINKS?
-- Foods and Drinks bought outside the establishment will have a corkage fee of Php200/room. Don't worry guys, BSE counter offers food stuffs and drinks ideal for movie watching. Be reminded that bringing of any Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited within the premises.

If you have other inquiries/questions, feel free to post it via comment below, we'll be happy to provide immediate answer. Thanks for reading this post!

COMMENTS are highly appreciated!
Thanks and See you there! :)

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