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March 17, 2013

NBA Live Experience: Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks - Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA

When visiting USA, never miss to watch at least one game of this pre-eminent men's basketball association in North America (according to wikipedia), the National Basketball Association a.k.a NBA. Yes, this was actually part of my plans during my US trip. 

The Event: It's 'Chicago Bulls versus New York Knicks' game. It was a game or venue-dependent situation on my case since I had limited days left prior getting back to the Philippines. (Boston game was also an option for me but the schedule was a bit risky at my end that time)


The Venue: Fortunately, it's held at the world's most famous arena, the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York City, USA. Oh well, I was amazed with the interior which was so perfect for taking photos or shots using a wide angle lens (I used a tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens that time).



The Rate: Oh well, a bit pricey since I bought it (online, 1-day delivery) 3 days prior the event which budget-wise shouldn't be (I see tickets are cheaper when bought weeks or even month earlier, that's common nowadays).


The Highlights: Half-time breaks were great: the proposal, the kissing and the "OMG-im-on-screen" faces :)

Over-all Experience: Majority of my blog readers would really ask "How's the experience watching NBA Game Live in the arena?", I always give an honest answer: "One of the best in my US trip...". Everything was worth the price: the game, the excitement, the venue, the people (amazing energy of Knicks fans even though they lost the game, fortunate enough to have a fun-to-be-with seatmates) and all. You take the game differently when compared to a televised viewing.

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